JANUARY 11 – MARCH 7, 2020

Great way to begin your new year off on the right foot!

What will this challenge consist of?

The challenge will be based on a variety of variables; Weight loss, body fat loss, participation and much more!!!


Will I be able to compete in the challenge?

YES!!! Each person will be on a team of 3-4 people! You team will hold you accountable to coming to classes, eat healthy along with maintaining your steps during your time away from the gym.


What will I get if I win the challenge?

Each player will split the pot! There is a $30 buy in! $15 of which will be entered into the pot. There is a huge return on investment for entering the challenge.


How do I sign up?

Signups will be available online December 15 2019. You can also come into the gym and sign up for the challenge.


Wait…… I am really interested but I am not a member. What should I do?

Great question!
Option 1: You could become a member and get full access to the gym and the challenge.
Option 2: We have a Non-Member Challenge pricing ($200 for the challenge + $100 enrollment fee) which provides access to 10 Classes per month, entry to the challenge and a heart rate monitor.


How much will it cost?

Members: $30 buy-in 


  • $200 for the challenge + $100 enrollment fee ($300 Total)
  • Non members will get access to 10 Classes per month, entry to the challenge and a heart rate monitor.



  • 1 Point per Class Attended (Must register on MindBody to get the credit)
  • 1 Point per class calorie goal accomplished (55 Minutes to reach your goal)
    • Men calorie goal: 700 Calories
    • Women calorie goal: 450 Calorie
  • 3 Points Per Pound Loss
  • 3 Points Per Percent body fat lost
  • 3 Points per Weekly Steps Completed
  • Challenge Leaderboard Points
    • 5 Points for being 1st place
    • 3 Points for being 2nd Place
    • 1 Point for being in 3rd Place
  • 4A Games winner will receive 10 Points

Winning team in the challenge will split the pot evenly
(Buy in is $30 and $15 will be entered into the pot)


2020 January Kickoff Challenge Registration
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